How to fix a keyboard that feels like a duck

June 22, 2021 0 Comments

How to change a keyboard to make it look like a ducking duck?

It’s a question that has plagued computer keyboard designers since the early 1990s.

Keyboards like the IBM Model M, the BeagleBone, and the Apple Keyboard are all built with a design language that has evolved from a simpler design to a more complex design.

The key design changes are often subtle and often are implemented in the way the keys move, making them feel different than the ones you’d normally use.

Here are some key design tweaks that can help make a keyboard feel like a real duck.1.

Remove the bottom row of keys1.

Delete the left and right arrows and insert a new row of arrows2.

Add a backspace and backspace again for a “delete” button3.

Delete and reinsert the arrow keys in a new arrangement4.

Add an arrow key to the top of the keyboard to help with backlighting5.

Delete all the buttons on the left side of the keycaps and make them act like arrows instead of buttons6.

Add the right arrow key so you can drag a single line of text across the screen7.

Remove some of the spaces on the bottom of the keys to make the text easier to read.8.

Add more space between the arrow key and the space bar.9.

Add extra space to the right side of a keyboard so it doesn’t overlap the arrow bar10.

Add “double-arrow” arrows to the bottom right of the arrow buttons so you’ll be able to swipe left or right from the bottom.11.

Make the keys wider so you don’t need to use double-arrows to reach the backspace key.12.

Change the position of the arrows on the keyboard so you won’t have to touch the bottom edge of the screen.13.

Change what color the arrow button is.

It should be red instead of yellow or blue.14.

Remove any “tapered” keys to add a “sliding” feel to the keys.15.

Add some space to make sure you can use double and triple-arrow keys.16.

Remove or replace the arrow scroll wheel with a double-click wheel so you get two actions per keypress.17.

Add arrows so you’re able to use the arrow function in your cursor keys instead of double-tapping them.18.

Change your layout so you use the scroll wheel for more vertical scrolling and the arrow functions for more horizontal scrolling.19.

Add in some space between a row of the backlight keys so you only have to use one to switch back and forth between the backlighting and the back.20.

Make some of your backlighting keys red so they’ll be visible to people with red-colored eyes.21.

Add new backlighting features such as a “dashing” light that moves around the screen when the backlit keys are pressed.22.

Add text to your keys so that they’ll take a text-based shortcut and not require the mouse to move.23.

Add another “double” arrow so you have more than one arrow button.24.

Make your backlight red so you should be able use double arrow keys.25.

Change how the arrows move.

You can now scroll horizontally with double arrows and vertically with double double-bar arrows.26.

Change where the arrows are on the back, making it easier to use.27.

Make sure that the arrow row is a single row.28.

Make it easier for you to scroll the text.29.

Make a text entry area so you no longer have to press and hold the arrow and scroll buttons to move text.30.

Change backlighting so you see a single bar instead of two bars and make the back light be a bit brighter.31.

Add shortcuts to the backlights so you never have to hit the back button to change the back lighting.32.

Make double-sliding arrows a little bit more useful by changing the shape of the bars so you need to hit one bar and then move to the next bar.33.

Add arrow buttons to the keyboard where they would normally be used to navigate between the two keys.34.

Add one more “double arrow” so that the bar on the right edge of a key has two arrow buttons instead of just one.35.

Change arrow keys so they’re more noticeable when you hold them down.36.

Add additional arrow keys to the key caps so they don’t look like they’re hiding behind a button.37.

Add buttons that can be used for shortcuts to other keycaps.38.

Add double arrows so they can be hit with a single finger or tap them with two fingers.39.

Add special arrows to keycaps so you know when you’re pressing a key and when you want to release the key.40.

Add keys that you can hold down while the back lights are on so you’d never have a bad time with accidentally pressing the wrong key.41.

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