The latest in aerospace mechanical keyboard research

July 12, 2021 0 Comments

Technologists are using the internet to develop a mechanical keyboard.

Photo: AAPA’s Matt Smith/FlickrIt’ll be a long road, but the team behind it has found a new way to do it.

The project is a partnership between the University of Adelaide’ School of Mechanical Engineering and the University’ of Technology Sydney, with an initial focus on creating a new mechanical keyboard that can’t be bought on Amazon.“I have always wanted to make a mechanical typewriter,” lead researcher Professor Matt Smith told”“But it was really difficult to do because the cost was prohibitive, and it was not an open source project,’ he said.’

So we’ve come up with this, which is an open platform for people to design their own mechanical keyboards, which we will publish in the next year or so,“ he said, adding that it would also be able to communicate with other keyboards on the internet.‘It will not work on Amazon,‘ he said in a video interview with this week.‏”Amazon has some very restrictive rules about keyboards, and so we need to get them to work with our keyboards,‏ he said of Amazon.

“We’re actually going to have an API so that we can make our keyboards work on the platform we―ve designed,‖ he said about the technology.‖He said it would take four years for the team to complete the project.–“This is really a very long process,― Smith said.

The key to it being able to work in the open is because of the way the internet works,‗ he said.”

You’d need to do a lot of work,‒ Smith said of the project, which could take about two years.―We―re not going to start producing this keyboard in a month or two years,‟ he said adding that the team would be able produce it by Christmas.‒The team is currently working on the project using an Arduino and some Arduino software, but has been able to prototype some of the software that would be required for the project to work.—We have an idea of how we“re going to go about it,‛ Smith said in the video interview. 

‘The research is part of a project to develop software for building a computer that can communicate with an Arduino, but does not require a PC.‚“It“s not going into the Raspberry Pi,‚ he said while adding that he’m not sure how that would work.

“It would be really easy to use.‟”The team said it was working with the University at Adelaide and the National University of Singapore to complete their research.

“The university has been working with us for a couple of years, and has been very supportive of the idea of using the Arduino to develop the software,
 he said as the video interviewer pressed him on whether it would be possible to use a Raspberry Pi in the project or not.„“They have said yes.‬”But he said it’would take time to build the software and the hardware to get it working on a Raspberry pi.‹“So we have been working on this for a while and it”s not a huge leap,‬ Smith said, noting that the project was still in its early stages.†“There is no way of telling if it“ll work or not,‡ he said when asked if he”d be interested in using the project as a project for his PhD at the university.‡“You can only start thinking about what your project will look like if you start thinking seriously about what the world’ will look the next 10 years, he said with a laugh.‪““For a project like this, there’se are some really important aspects of it that we don’ t have any idea of,‭ he said before adding that some of his colleagues might not be as excited as he was about working on such a project.

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