What are the ‘Aviation Mechanics’ of the US and Israel?

July 7, 2021 0 Comments

An Israeli army sergeant and a US Marine who were involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, have come out with their views on the world.

The former Marine, who is now a colonel in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said that he would have been willing to help the Americans if he had been there, but he believes that if he was there, he would not have been able to help them.

“The Americans wanted to take us on a mission in Afghanistan,” the retired Marine told the Jerusalem Post.

“They had a lot of questions, and it was difficult to talk to them about the details, because they were still in a state of shock.”

The retired Marine said that the Americans did not seem to have any respect for human life.

“If you are a man of honor, you would not kill anyone,” he said.

“They would ask, ‘What do you think about the Americans?’

They would say, ‘You should not be here.'”

The former officer said that if the Americans had wanted to rescue Bin Laden, they would have gone to Pakistan, but they chose to kill the terrorist leader instead.

“I think if they had killed Bin Laden in his house, I would have helped them.

If they had taken him out of his house and shot him, I am sure I would still have helped,” the former Marine said.

“If they had done that, Bin Laden would have stayed alive and they would not be the ones in charge of the operation.”

The former marine also said that Bin Laden’s house would have had a surveillance system, as he was a close confidant of the leader.

“We had a very tight relationship with him, and the surveillance system would have alerted us if he moved or went somewhere,” the officer said.

In the aftermath of the raid, Bin Ladin’s brother was killed and the US released some of its captured intelligence.

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