Microsoft launches Mechanical Keyboard with a new design

Microsoft has released a new keyboard that combines the best of mechanical keyboards and digital keyboards.

The company says the keyboard has more keys per inch, and has “more keycaps per inch than mechanical keyboards with a similar footprint”.

The keyboard, which is available in two different colors, has an 11-key rollover and “a new design for the mechanical keyboard with a more modern feel”, the company said in a blog post.

Microsoft’s new keyboard features a new layout for its mechanical keyboards, which include keycaps, mechanical switches, and tactile feedback.

These new keysets can be combined with other keycaps or switches to form a larger keyboard.

The keyboard’s design is also slightly different from the original Mechanical Keyboard, which Microsoft launched in 2017.

It has the same keycaps as the original, but instead of “sliders” for the letter “k” that were in the original keyboard, the keyboard uses “slider switches”.

The new keyboard’s keycaps also have “firmness and tactile feel” that make them “similar to a mechanical keyboard”.

Microsoft says the new Mechanical Keyboard “has more keycaps than mechanical keys with a similarly sized footprint”.

It also has “a larger rollover, and more key caps per inch”.

The keycaps have “significantly more keystroke repeatability”.

It is also a better fit for the mouse.

Microsoft says “more tactile feel and keycaps” are needed to “provide the same precision, precision and tactile feeling of a mechanical switch keyboard”.

The company’s blog post also says that the Mechanical Keyboard is the first mechanical keyboard to feature a tactile feedback mechanism.

It says the “signature” of the feedback is that it “sounds different and feels different”.

Mechanical keyboards can have the same number of keys as mechanical switches.

Microsoft has been making mechanical keyboards for years.

Microsoft sold a Mechanical Keyboard to the US Army in the late 90s.

It was designed to be used as a “keyboard for the battlefield” and for military personnel who “needed a keyboard that worked”.

It was later discontinued.

In 2017, Microsoft bought a keycaps company, Realforce, and made it available to the public.

The keycap manufacturer is now making mechanical keyboard kits, which are sold under the name Realfreaks.

The keyboards Microsoft sells also include key caps that can be attached to mechanical switches and are made from the same materials as Microsoft’s keyboards.

“With the new keycaps and tactile-feel of our new Mechanical keyboard, we hope that the experience of typing with a mechanical mouse will be even better,” the company says in its blog post about the new keyboard.

Microsoft also says it is “working to develop a range of mechanical keyboard accessories and peripherals for the gaming community”.

A number of other companies have launched keyboards with the same features as Microsofts Mechanical Keyboard.

The most popular keyboard is the Razer Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, made by Razer, which retails for around $170.

Microsoft is also selling a “Mechanical Keyboard with Razer branding” for $200, but that keyboard is a “compatibility keyboard” that “does not work with the Microsoft mechanical keyboard” because it does not include the Razer branding.

Microsoft said it has “some very exciting” products in the works for the future.

The next keyboard is expected to launch in 2017, but Microsoft is not making any announcements about what the new mechanical keyboard will look like.

“The new Mechanical keyboards we are working on are unique to Microsoft and we’re excited to share them with the gaming industry,” the blog post says.

“We know that some of you are interested in the design of our next keyboard and we hope to have more details to share in the coming weeks.”

Mechanical keyboards are also known for having more keys than mechanical switches because they are made with fewer switches.

But Microsoft is making its new keyboard more like a traditional keyboard.

This keyboard is smaller than the Razer mechanical keyboard, and it also includes more keycap.

Microsoft will launch the Mechanical keyboard in March next year.

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