How the world’s best engineers are making the world a better place

In the early 1980s, engineers at NASA and General Motors worked on an idea for an automated engine that would make the machines more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

The idea was to reduce fuel consumption by a quarter, and they were confident the technology could work in the engine itself.

“We had a number of engineers at both companies working on this,” says Chris Mancuso, a NASA engineer and the father of the modern-day “green” car.

“They were very enthusiastic about the idea.”

But they didn’t expect the technology to work.

“It took me about five years of working on the idea to figure out that it didn’t work,” he says.

“And then the only solution was to stop it.”

Mancunos team eventually abandoned the project.

“The reason it wasn’t going to work was that the company didn’t want to invest in the research,” he explains.

The result was the first generation of gas-powered cars.

“Nobody really knew what the hell it was,” he adds.

Mancuros car is one of a number that now are in service around the world.

His car has become the backbone of a new generation of electric cars, which make up half of all new cars on the road.

“There are many electric cars that are going to come,” Mancuos says.

They’re going to be better than what we had.

They’ll also be cheaper than gas cars.

“One of the most common questions people ask about electric cars is, “What kind of power do they use?

“The answer, according to experts, is the same that everyone has been asking for decades: to keep the engine humming.

This power comes from two sources: the combustion engine and the turbine, a spinning turbine that runs the fuel.

In theory, the gas-guzzling turbine should be a lot more efficient than the combustion engines, which use much more energy to generate heat.

But this efficiency depends on how hot the engine is being, and that varies widely depending on the power output of the engine.

The difference between the two types of power is the efficiency of the turbine.

In some cases, it’s 50 percent, in other cases as high as 80 percent.

This efficiency is referred to as the efficiency ratio.

In order to get the efficiency as high or as low as possible, the turbine needs to be much more efficient.

That means more power.

So, if the turbine efficiency is higher than the engine’s, then the fuel is going to burn more, which will increase the engine power.

If the turbine’s efficiency is lower, then less fuel is being used and less heat is being converted to electricity.

That’s why it takes a lot of power to drive a car.

But it doesn’t take much power to produce an electric car.

A typical gasoline engine produces about 2,500 watts of power, and the electric motor produces about 1,000 watts.

To make the electric car, engineers had to make more energy.

And the energy was going to have to be stored somewhere.

To do this, the engineers had the turbine convert more energy into heat than it takes to produce it.

That heat is stored in a turbine.

The heat is generated by the turbine as it spins.

The turbine converts the energy from the burning of fuel into heat.

The engine then converts the heat back into fuel, making the car run more efficiently.

It also produces more torque and power, making it easier to accelerate.

But these are just the basics of how a combustion engine works.

The turbines of a gas-fueled car, on the other hand, use a lot less energy than the turbines of an electric vehicle.

A combustion engine makes a lot, but it also has a lot.

A gasoline engine can produce about 3,000 pounds of torque.

But a gas engine produces a lot in a few thousandths of a second.

This is why gas engines have very low fuel economy, and electric cars have very high fuel economy.

But even a low-emissions car with electric power can still get pretty hot.

The gas engine is a lot larger than an electric engine.

Because it’s bigger, the combustion turbine has to be able to move more energy than it does with the electric engine to keep up.

So that means it has to get hot.

A gas engine doesn’t have to do all the work.

There are other ways that the fuel that comes out of the gas turbine gets converted to heat.

A conventional turbine rotates the blades.

That spinning rotational motion can produce a lot energy, because the blades are rotating in a straight line.

But in a gas turbine, the blades rotate in a circular motion.

The blades rotate a little bit as they spin.

That helps the turbine produce more power, but also creates a lot heat.

So in a combustion-powered car, there’s not much heat produced by the engine, and even a lot can

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