How to set up a cryptocurrency wallet app

Posted September 06, 2018 07:04:16 Setting up a bitcoin wallet app is simple.

You’ll need an email address and password, as well as a phone number.

Then, you’ll need to create a bitcoin address, and send money to it.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can get started with our guide to setting up a free bitcoin wallet.

Here are the steps to get started: Login to your bitcoin wallet on a website such as Coinbase or BitPay.

You will also need an Apple ID and password for the wallet.

Click on the link to sign up.

Enter your email address.

Click the Sign up button.

Click Continue.

This will bring up a new page where you can set up your bitcoin account.

Click Sign in to access your account.

If all goes well, your account will be displayed.

To create your account, click on the blue “Sign in” button.

The process will take about 10 minutes.

After that, you will need to set a password.

This password is your bitcoin address.

Make sure to leave your email and phone number in there, too.

Click Create.

You should see a new screen.

Here, you need to enter a number, the account name, and a message.

You can enter up to three.

Click OK.

Once you click OK, you should see your bitcoin balance.

Click Done.

To sign out, click the “Sign out” button, and you will be prompted to log out of the app.

To get back to your account and continue the process, click “Sign back in” on the next screen.

You are back in the app, and your bitcoin funds will be added to your wallet.

You now have a free wallet to spend bitcoin with.

This is a great way to test the bitcoin protocol before you make your purchase.

Here’s how to set your bitcoin addresses up.

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