Why are some people so scared of the smell of a seal?

The smell of the seal is a major factor in people’s fears of seals, which is why people are often terrified to walk near them.

This has lead to the widespread belief that seals can smell people, and people are also wary of people smelling them.

Here are some ways to get the seal off your back.

How to make a seal smell a little betterThere are a number of ways to make the seal smell better, from using perfumes to applying a mask.

The best way is to apply a mask to the seal.

The seal will be attracted to the smell and will begin to open its mouth to let it out its scent.

Once the seal has released its scent the smell will be diluted.

This is because the seal doesn’t have a smell receptor in its nose, and therefore smells more diluted when it’s breathing.

The seal will begin moving its body as it opens its mouth.

This can be a little tricky if the seal’s nose is not working, but you can use your hands to help it move.

Once the seal opens its gills, you will need to take your time to make sure it is breathing and the seal isn’t in pain.

You can also apply some mild soap to the surface of the mask to get rid of any seal hairs.

This is the most effective way to remove the seal scent from your body, and can be done from the shower or toilet.

If the seal hasn’t moved for some time after opening its mouth, you can try to move it with a plastic spoon or a spoon with a hole in it, which will make it move more slowly.

If you can, try to keep the seal in its mouth until you’re sure the seal will open its jaw and open its eyes.

If the seal starts to open the mouth too quickly, you should slowly pull the seal up to its mouth and pull it in until it opens the mouth.

Once it opens up its mouth a bit, you want to use a small piece of tape to seal it up.

You want the seal to be able to move its mouth slowly and let the tape get on its teeth.

If there is a little seal hair in the tape, you don’t want to tear the tape off.

This will help the seal breathe faster and allow you to put a mask on it.

If it still has a seal hair on its jaw, you need to remove it.

This method is also effective at getting rid of seal hairs on the back of the seals mouth.

You don’t need to use mask tape to get them off, just some tape and a damp rag.

You also don’t have to take any precautions to protect the seal from the weather, as seals are adapted to the environment.

Here’s how you can make a small seal smell cleaner:

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